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Navi-X XBMC Navi-xtreme makes it easy for you to share your media links with other Navi-X users and gives you a verified list of user media to browse. All media entries are automatically tested daily and any dead links are hidden. This takes the pressure off of you to keep your links current, and makes for better Navi-X surfing since dead media is filtered out.

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Import, Create, Edit

editor screenshot editor screenshot The My Playlists section gives you the ability to import and/or create playlists, as well as edit their contents with a GUI. The importer is capable of parsing several list types including PLX, XML, and even Youtube channels and search results. You can import lists via URL, text-file upload, or by pasting PLX or XML data. When importing via URL, it will optionally import sublists, too.

When editing a list, you can edit every parameter available to Navi-X including media type, thumbnail, logo, background, etc. To change the order of entries in your list, just drag them to where you want them.


preview screenshot While you're editing your playlist, you can preview what it will look like in the built-in Navi-X simulator. The simulator was originally meant to be only a preview window for thumbnails, logos, and background images, but I got a little carried away and made browsing mostly functional. Currently, it can parse all of the same playlist types as Navi-X (plx, rss, Youtube pages, etc) and open asf, asx, avi, divx, flv, gif, jpg, m4a, m4v, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, png, and wmv files.

Click on the screenshot image to the right to launch the simulator with the Navi-X Media Portal plx loaded.

Shortcut keys:

  • Navigate list · up & down cursor keys, page up, page down
  • View item description · right cursor key
  • Open item · enter
  • Go back · backspace or left cursor key
  • Quit preview · escape


editor screenshot verify screenshot Media entries are URL-verified three different places: when you first import a playlist, when you add or edit a media entry, and daily via an automated script on the server. To verify a media item, the script retrieves only the HTTP header for an item, so it usually works pretty fast. This means that users can browse with way fewer dead media links, and you don't have people getting pissed at you for leaving up dead links!